Actions to Take When it Starts to Shake

Oct. 19 is Great British Columbia ShakeOut Day when families and organizations are encouraged to perform earthquake drills. Even if you’re not participating in a drill it’s a good time to review earthquake procedures and preparedness.

During an earthquake… drop, cover and hold on

If you are inside, stay inside. DO NOT run outside or to other rooms during shaking.

  • DROP down onto your hands and knees (before the earthquake knocks you down). This position protects you from falling, but allows you to still move if necessary.
  • COVER your head and neck (and your entire body if possible) under a sturdy table or desk. If there is no shelter nearby, only then should you get down near an interior wall (or next to low-lying furniture that won’t fall on you), and cover your head and neck with your arms and hands.
  • HOLD ON to your shelter (or to your head and neck) until the shaking stops. Be prepared to move with your shelter if the shaking shifts it around.

If you are outside…

Move to a clear area if you can safely do so; avoid buildings, power lines, trees, signs, vehicles and other hazards.

After the Shaking Stops

When an earthquake is over, it’s important to stay calm and move cautiously, checking for unstable objects and other hazards above and around you. If you are injured, treat yourself first and then assist others. Also, be aware of the potential for aftershocks – and continue to drop, cover and hold on if you feel them.

Downtown Campbell River, including the Campbell River Indian Band Reserve, is at risk of flooding due to a dam failure, so after the shaking stops, residents should immediately get safe by moving out of the area to higher ground.

Free Emergency Notifications

The Strathcona Regional District offers a free notification service to keep residents, visitors and businesses informed of emergencies in a timely manner. The district’s emergency notifications are delivered by both text message and voice calls to land lines and cell phones to subscribers.

You can sign up at People without internet access may sign up by calling 250-830-6702.

More information and resources are available from PreparedBC at