Arbitration Update – Hearing to Start July 10

Hearings into the conduct of Councillor Jason Price have been adjourned to July 10. Originally set to start June 11, arbitrator Paul Love, with the approval of the Band Council,  accepted a request from Jason to move the dates back in order to give him more time to respond to the evidence presented in a petition from the Wei Wai Kum Council.  That petition – in the form of a Band Council Resolution (BCR) – says Jason breached the Nation’s policies and Election Code, including having an undisclosed conflict of interest in his business relationship with K&L Spooner Construction Ltd.

Council’s BCR triggered the appointment of an arbitrator under the Nation’s Election Code. Within five days of the final hearing, the arbitrator is required to rule if the petition is dismissed or upheld. If upheld, the election of Jason Price would be set aside and his Council seat declared vacant.