Bright Lights, Beautiful Cars, Farmed Salmon – Band Members in the News

Proud mama Kristie Richardson has forwarded a press release announcing that her son Noah will be featured in a National Down Syndrome Society video. Proud sister Tanis Kwakseestahla has sent word that her brother Tim Quocksister is the subject of a magazine profile due to the success of his Victoria-based business Silver Arrow Cars.

Meanwhile, video footage of farmed salmon shot by George Quocksister has been aired by several media and George was quoted in a story by CBC TV news expressing his concerns about the health of farmed salmon.

Noah Richardson of Tacoma, Washington will appear in the Bright Lights of Broadway video to be premiered Sept. 16 in Times Square, New York City. His photo was selected from more than 2,000 entries in the National Down Syndrome Society worldwide call for photos.

The video presentation kicks off Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October. Activities will include “Buddy Walks” around the world, including the Puget Sound event  Oct. 1 in which Noah and Kristie will be participating to raise funds for the society’s work.

The profile of Tim Quocksister is featured in August-September edition of Boulevard magazine of Victoria, starting on page 32. It is available online.