Elder’s Update – News and Upcoming Events

Meal programDo you or anyone you know need meals? For those 65 and over who have difficulty preparing food, who are caregivers to their spouses who have disability, or are ill, or have just come home from hospital. Meals will be frozen and delivered by Kristen as needed. Please spread the word in the community to keep Kristen informed of Elders who have been to hospital or are ill, in need of assistance for meals. Thank You.

Change in Meeting Structure

Planning and business will now be done at our Tuesday Elder’s Committee meetings (this is when regular operational decisions will be made by those in attendance) Monthly Luncheons will be a Social activity and for presentations. In the case of meeting for consensus for major decision-making, all Wei Wai Kum Elders on Reserve will be notified of the meeting via phone-call.

The Elder’s Fundraiser Community BINGO this month was a success with lots of fun prizes (Gilakasla to community members who donated,) awesome baked goods, and a fabulous beef dip dinner provided entirely volunteer by Carla and her crew, with all the concession proceeds going to the Elder’s travel funds!  Thank you community!

Come on out to our next Craft Night February 11th @ 5:30, it’s a fun group, and Nalaga Avis O’Brien is coming to do our first cedar weaving lesson!


Check your Elder’s Activity Calendar for February 2019 included in this week’s issue for regularly scheduled Events and Activities… Call 250 202 0115 or email kristenpeel@weiwaikum.ca to register for anything that may interest you

Elders CALENDAR February 2019