Farewell to the Eagle Tree

Usually eagles like to perch in this large hemlock tree that is now rotten...

A natural landmark in the community will soon be no more. The iconic “Eagle Tree” – named due to its favored role as a perch for local eagles – has to be removed for safety reasons.

The large hemlock tree is located behind SuperStore near the Net Loft on the grounds of The Discovery Harbour Shopping Centre. Parts of the tree started to crumble off earlier this month and examinations by several arborists found the tree to be full of rot. The unanimous opinion was that it must be removed. This will be done early next week.

Wei Wai Kum First Nation and its partners at Northwest Properties manage the Shopping Centre and want Band members and the public to know that the decision to take down the tree is not tied to any developments at the mall. On the contrary, several tenant leases actually specified that the tree was never to be touched. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other ideas and the tree has come to the end of its life.