Food Fish Distribution – Two Done, One to Go!

Francis and Fredrick Gillette deliver food fish to the Elders Monday, Aug. 20

Under the haze of forest fire smoke that blanketed most of the province Band members lined up at Thunderbird Hall Monday to receive their allocation of food fish.

The fish came in later than hoped but were gratefully received when they arrived Monday afternoon. Elders Worker Kristen Peel made arrangements with members of the Wei Wai Kum Summer Works Crew to deliver fish to elders on reserve and some fish was sent for processing and freezing – to be delivered to Elders at a later date. Some of the fish was given to the Youth   Program, which held a well-timed canning workshop Tuesday.

Fish were also distributed in Parksville last week to Band members who live in the central Island. We are still awaiting word on the Lower Mainland distribution. Details will be shared as soon as we have them.