Food Fish Update – Coming Up!

Update: Sunday, Aug. 19 – The distribution will NOT take place this weekend in either location as hoped. Not enough fish was caught in the last two days. The Campbell River distribution will likely take place Monday, the Lower Mainland distribution will likely take place Monday or Tuesday.

Aug. 16 – If all goes well, the Wei Wai Kum food fish distributions in Campbell River and the Lower Mainland will take place this weekend.

Twenty fresh sockeye salmon will be allocated per member household. The fish will be delivered to a professional offload facility to maintain the highest possible quality. However, this – combined with the uncertainty of fishing – means we cannot get an exact time when the distribution will take place.

It is hoped that the Campbell River distribution will take place Saturday afternoon, however there is also a chance it will be Sunday or possibly Monday.

It is hoped that the Lower Mainland distribution will take place Sunday, however it may also be Monday. Notices will be posted on our website and Facebook page as soon as we hear. We will not be able to phone each household, so please watch these sites and notify friends and family members who do not have access to online communications.

The Elders Worker is organizing delivery of fish to Elders on reserve in Campbell River.

The Campbell River distribution will take place at the Big House because Thunderbird Hall is being used for a previously booked event (the Special Olympics). Members will be asked to line up their vehicles down Drake Road.

A site has not yet been confirmed for the Lower Mainland distribution.

Elk Draw

While we’re talking about traditional food, please note that the Band is now taking entries for the annual Elk Draw. To be eligible, you must be a Band Member, 16 years or older, and apply in person at the Band Office with your status card and the $30 fee.  Entries must be received before the draw date of Aug. 31 at 4 p.m.