Jordan’s Principle Funding – Vancouver Island

Jordan’s Principle is a child-first principle that applies equally to all First Nations children living on and off reserve by ensuring there are no gaps in government services to them.  It addresses, for example, gaps in services for mental health, special education, physical and speech therapy and, medical equipment.

Who can access Jordan’s Principle Funding?

  • If a First Nations child ages 0-19 years needs access to products/services (such as a psycho-educational assessments, wheelchair ramps, therapists etc) with status or is eligible for status
  •  If an Aboriginal agency, Nation, organization needs funds for service/program (such as Occupational Therapist, Early Childhood Educators, Therapist position, youth groups, culture groups etc)
  •  Examples of some health services that may be considered under Jordan’s Principle include:
  •  Home Support and Personal Care; in-home nursing care; in-home respite; client assessment; case management; physiotherapy; occupational therapy; speech language therapy; in-home palliative care services for children; and certain nutritional supplements.

Who can make a request?

  •  Individual requests:  You can make a request for products/services on behalf of a First Nation child if you are:
  • A First Nations child above 16 years of age; or
  •  A parent/guardian/family member of a First Nations child
  • A community/support worker working with a First Nations child/family

Project/Group request: You can make a request for services/programs on behalf of your organization/Nation/agency if you are:

  •  A team leader/manager of service delivery or employee working in collaboration with the team leader/manager
  • An organizer of the program/group you are requesting funds for

What information is needed to make a request?

Individual requests:

  1. Child’s name, Date of Birth, Address and Status Card # (must be status or be eligible for status)
  2. Information of the type of service being requested (chiropractor, counsellor, speech therapist, occupational therapist, etc.) with supporting documents (Doctor’s note/referral, letters, receipts, invoices etc)
  3. Information regarding what requests have been made through other sources and proof (such as a denial of funds letter)
  4.  Estimated costs

Project/Group Resquests:

  1. Organization/Nation/Agency must provide information of the need of the project/group they are waiting to create (such as the current waitlist of the service in their area)
  2. Documentation indicating the Organization/Nation/Agency were unsuccessful receiving funds from other sources
  3. Cost breakdown/budget (wages of new position, programs/materials, training, lease, food, honorariums etc)


Desiree Holmes is the Child and Youth Systems Navigator for Vancouver Island.  In her role, she is responsible for preparing all intakes for children and youth as well as project/group request from agencies, Nations and organizations.  If you have any questions about Jordan’s Principle or want to make a request for funding, please contact Desiree.

Email:                  Office:    250-360-3467 | Cell:  250-637 1070