KDC Health Hosts First Nations Family Medicine Pilot Project

The UBC Strathcona Family Medicine Residency Program offers a First Nation Cultural component for new doctors and KDC Health is excited to be a “host family” with this project.

The key function is to bridge the gaps for First Nation people through collaborative partnerships to educate and support medical doctors while they navigate and understand aspects of First Nation Health. We have all faced challenges related to the medical system. This is a proactive approach for a better future.

KDC Health staff is committed to improving access to pharmacy services, medical equipment and supply options, hospital admission and discharge procedures as well as build relationships and  other medical resources to improve patient care.

Through this program we have the ability to work with resident physicians and advocate for a better medical system for all Nations. Resident Physicians are available to all KDC Health members who do not have a regular doctor, have trouble getting to a clinic due to physical barriers, may be considering changing doctors for personal reasons or require a second opinion.

Resident Physicians are medical students in their final 24 months of learning before they become independent physicians. All residents are supervised by a local doctor—Dr. Penhall.

Walk-in medical clinics will be  held every Friday morning from 9 to 11:30 a.m. starting Aug. 10. For more information – or if you require an appointment for the clinic due to extenuating circumstances –  contact Dianna Smith at 250-286-9766.