Lands Department Update

A lot of things have happened in the Lands Department recently here are some of them:

  • We have submitted the final documents to Canada for Additions to Reserve Application for the 200 Acre property located on the west side of Highway 19a. The final step is for Canada to approve the application in the House of Commons.
  • There is a vacancy on the Land Code Committee. (Application information is on a separate poster in the newsletter.) We are hoping to fill that vacancy soon so that the committee can start meeting again.
  • We have begun working with a consultant to assist us in our relationship and contract agreements with the City of Campbell River. We hope to formalize our relationship, have a more transparent service agreement (for things such as the supply of water and sewer), and work on other ongoing issues.
  • There have been some minor repairs done to the big house such as replacing hard to reach lights and repairing minor roof leaks.
  • We are linking work in the Lands Department, with the lands related to Treaty work, and with work done for the Band at Nanwakolas. We are developing processes that integrate those departments better.
  • We are offering a summer student position as a “Lands Intern” for community members who are in post-secondary school and plan to return to school in September. The posting for this position is in the newsletter.