Land Use Plan

The Wei Wai Kum first Nation is in the process of drafting a Land Use Plan that will articulate the long-term vision of the community for the use of land within the Nation’s jurisdiction. The plan will provide a land use framework for both private and community interests on Wei Wai Kum Reserve lands. Its scope includes housing, health, culture, parks, infrastructure, community facilities, economic development, and archeological and environmental protection.

The plan has been drafted by a Land Committee working with information received from community meetings and surveys, past studies and recent research. Adoption of the plan will be achieved through approval by a Community Ratification Vote as outlined in the Wei Wai Kum Land Code section 12.1. The vote is expected to take place in late fall 2022, after which the plan will be reviewed at least every five years.

WWKFN Land Use Plan Approved Aug 8 2022

Members of the Land Committee are:

  • Lorraine Henderson
  • Nancy Henderson
  • Ethel Henry
  • Susan Paquette
  • Kim Roberts
  • Deanna Sheers

For more information, or 250-286-6949.