Stake in Lodge Expected to Generate Job Opportunities

The purchase of Knight Inlet Lodge by Nanwakolas Timber Limited Partnership is expected to generate both revenue for the member Nations and employment opportunities for their members. The Regional Economic Development and Community Wellbeing Coordinator for Nanwakolas Council says the recent posting of three positions  at the eco-adventure Lodge is the first of more opportunities to come.

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Hydro Safety Notice

BC Hydro is ramping up the discharge from the John Hart Dam in response to the heavy rainfall and in anticipation of a storm forecast for Sunday, Jan. 28 . The public are asked to continue to stay away from Elk Falls and the Campbell River.

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Chief Robert Pollard Leaves Office

Following years of service as the Chief of the Wei Wai Kum Nation, Robert Pollard is leaving office after Council declared his seat vacant in accordance with the Nation’s Election Code. Chief Pollard has been on leave for more than six months for medical reasons.

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