Participate in the First ‘Shake Out Then Get Out’ Exercise

The potential risk of a dam failure from a major earthquake at the John Hart dam or Strathcona dam is an interim risk until BC Hydro seismically upgrades these facilities. The heavily populated downtown area is especially at risk so after the shaking stops you should immediately get safe by moving out of the area.

For this year’s Shake Out the emergency program is hosting the first Campbell River specific ‘Shake Out Then Get Out’ Exercise to encourage readiness amongst the residents and businesses of our beautiful city. The purpose of the exercise is test if your ability to evacuate, on foot or on a bicycle, to a safe checkpoint outside of the flooding zone in enough time. Campbell River Emergency Support Service Team volunteers will be staffing five checkpoints that will be set up outside of the post earthquake flooding zone.

What to do on Thursday October 19:

10:19 am – Drop, Cover and Hold underneath a desk for 4 minutes. After the “shaking” stops, count to 60 and then begin your evacuation.

10:24  am – Evacuate to your nearest designated checkpoint on foot or on a bicycle. Register when you reach your nearest checkpoint. Then return to your original location.

There will be checkpoints set up at:

1) The Maritime Heritage Centre

2) City Hall

3) École-Phoenix Middle School

4) Woodburn Rd. & Spring Rd

5) 9th Avenue & Ironwood Rd

Participants Must Rgister and Be:

·         Able bodied and physically able to evacuate outside of the inundation zone on foot or on a bicycle.

·         Wear a coloured apron that will identify you as an exercise participant. This apron will be supplied to all registered participants beforehand.

·         Able to carry their cell phone with them throughout the exercise.

·         Working, visiting, or living in the inundation zone during the time the exercise starts.

Get Out Then Shake Out – Fill out the registration form for a chance to win an emergency preparedness prize!