Social Development Notice: Income Assistance Cheque Issuance – Aug. 22

Declarations –In order for your file to remain open, please provide all necessary paperwork and monthly renewal declarations before the 15th of each month.  Please ensure that you declare all your earned/unearned income each month to prevent delays in issuing your cheque.

Clients must completely fill in each field including Band Name, Band Number, Signature of applicant/Spouse, and the full date (day, month, year).  If this is not completed, the form is invalid and a cheque cannot be created.

Bills – When handing in necessary monthly documentation unless on EPP for the following bills (Hydro, Fortis), please include entire bill showing monthly consumption, as this is what determines your monthly entitlement.

If bills are not handed in before the 15th of the month (telephone), there will be no payment on your cheque.  Also when bills like Hydro etc. come after the 15th, please hand in as soon as you receive it to receive your eligible amounts for that month.

Letters will be sent to clients for Annual Reviews, PPMB updates.  Once you receive them, please contact Social Development Department to book your appointment to review you file to remain eligible.

Work Search forms were handed out and explained to each Employable Client.  Please make sure this is filled out and handed in with your declarations.

Home Support Reminder – Home Support time sheets need to be submitted by the last Monday of every month.  Cheques will be issued within three days of submission.


Nicole Dumont,
Social Development Administrator