Take 10 To Tell Us Your Top Three – and More!

Pssst, Band Members – are you willing to take 10 minutes to help shape the future of the Nation? That’s what we’re asking for as we conduct a community survey for our Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) work.

Our survey platform – SurveyMonkey – tells us that most respondents take just under 10 minutes to complete the survey. The youth survey (for members ages 12 – 17) is even shorter, with respondents taking closer to five minutes. The survey is a combination of census questions (tell us about you) and opinion questions (such as, what are your top three priorities for the Nation?).  This combination will allow us to analyze responses to assess differences and similarities between different groups of the Membership (e.g., men and women, younger and older, on-reserve, off-reserve).

The links to the two surveys (one for youth age 12 – 17, one for adults 18 and older) are available on our website and print copies are available at the Band Office, with plans underway to mail them to Members who don’t have Internet access. We’ve also emailed the survey link to members whose email addresses are on file.

In addition to contributing to community planning, survey respondents have an opportunity to win prizes that include two iPads (valued at approximately $600 each) and gift certificates to Tim Horton’s, Walmart and our own Wei Wai Kum House of Treasures.

This week, Mckenzie Malone and Deanna Sheers are each the winners of a $10 gift certificate to Tim Horton’s. Congratulations on your win – and for being willing to contribute to community planning. That helps make everyone a winner!