It’s Time to be Bear Aware

Bears have been reported in yards on the Campbell River Indian Reserve. To report a bear sighting in the city, call the toll-free 24-hour Wildlife Call Centre: 1-877-952-7277.

Remember, bears are actively trying to bulk up for the winter and will take advantage of easy access to things like garbage, fruit trees, bird feeders, compost, pet food, and other attractants around our homes. When people allow bears access to these non-natural food sources, they train them to associate people with food. Bears will lose their fear of humans and become “problem” bears. “Problem” bears are usually poor re-location candidates and end up being destroyed.

To help prevent these needless deaths and to keep our community safe, follow these Bear Smart tips:

  • Store garbage inside or outside in a bear-proof container
  • Sprinkle compost with lime
  • Wash barbecues and store them covered up – preferably indoors
  • Remove fallen fruit from fruit trees immediately and dispose in limed compost
  • Remove bird feeders until wintertime
  • Feed pets and store their food indoors
  • Pick up dog bones in your yard