Wei Wai Kum Elders Housing Update

Council is moving ahead with outside finishing work at the new Elders Housing units. Leveling of the lots and paving of the roads has been    completed but lawns and other landscaping will be done in the spring once the weather conditions are better.

On October 29, 2018, Council approved a new Elders Housing Policy that will clearly establish guidelines for eligibility and the application process for Elders wishing to move into one of the new units. The policy also establishes processes and responsibilities of tenants under the tenancy agreement. In this policy, rental applications will be approved on a highest needs basis using a points scoring system.  All applications will be reviewed by a Housing Committee that will soon be established and the committee will be making recommendations to Council on who has the greatest need for one of the new units.

Some of the considerations in the scoring will be whether applicants currently live on/off reserve, income, age,  and other criteria.

Within the next couple of weeks, the office will be sending a package to all Elders 65 years of age and older which will include the policy and   application form.