Dean Drake Wins Council By-Election

Dean Drake was elected to Council in a by-election June 11 to fill the seat vacated when Chris Roberts resigned to run for Chief. Dean led the polls among four candidates. He was sworn in Wednesday, June 13.

The following are the official results as submitted by Electoral Officer Heather Ware:

Wei Wai Kum 

Campbell River Indian Band

By-Election for Councillor

June 11, 2018

Statement of Vote

Elected for the remainder of a four year term ending in February 2021:

Dean A. Drake

Candidates for Council                Votes              Elected

DRAKE, Dean A.                                     118                  Elected

DUNCAN, Joshua                                   45

QUOCKSISTER, Ritchie G.                   10

ROBERTS, Frances E.                            67

Valid Ballots Cast: 240

Ballots Rejected: 3