A-Tlegay Fisheries Society

A limited partnership that helps its five member nations preserve and exercise their aboriginal fishing rights throughout their territories.

A-Tlegay helps regulate and administer the responsibilities incurred in the management of all marine resources and foreshores within the territories of its member First Nations: Wei Wai Kum, We Wai Kai, K’omoks, Tlowitsis and Kwiakah.

Website: A-Tlegay.ca

Address: 1441-A Old Island Highway, Campbell River, B.C., V9W 2E3

Contact: 250 287-8868 | atlegay@shawcable.com

A-Tlegay Fisheries Society provides food fishing permits to members as per its communal license. It also provides services to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), BC Hydro and other private projects. These include environmental monitoring, habitat assessment and restoration, catch monitoring, and surveys of marine species.

A-Tlegay administers a number of training and education programs on subjects such as first aid and boat operations. It provides a week-long summer camp every year for youth from member nations to provide education about the science and the traditional knowledge employed for activities such as special identification, species surveys, and traditional salmon smoking and preservation techniques.